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德國全音篇之 葵花寶典 (四)

30 十二月

本來旺記週六不寫 blog ,但為免衆生疏於練功,葵花寶典 第四集,來也。

Key differences

Any comparison between old style radio drivers and new wide range ones will show up varying technical solutions. The first and in my humble opinion most important one is the quality of the cone. With wide range units you hear the cone as Herb Reichert made sure (SP 9).You can prove the sonic fingerprint of he cone easily. Rub the paper with your fingertips and scratch softly with your nails, then watch out for the answering sound. If the cone response is smooth – wonderful! You touched an old style unit. Of all modern driver I heard the response hardens, brightens and adds a taste of plastic. Old cones give a much sweeter answer and sound pretty balanced. But you pay a price : these papers are sensitive to humidity. Newer ones are plasticized ,coated, glued -whatever, so they got free of humidity problems. But they lost the sweet and balanced sound and swapped in a brightened and unnatural characteristic instead. This we have already seen in the amplitude frequency response charts: Treble is rising a lot, remember? Judged from a gourmets point of view the old cones are preferable by far.


今次刊登 的較短,因為下一次有數個重点希望一氣呵成。

文中提及的SP9是聖教宝典 Sound Practices 第九期。講起 Herb Reichert 這篇文章,旺記立刻翻查 SP9 參拜一番,當中亦有提及 Lowthers 及 WE 755a,Herb 如是說: The Lowthers and the WE 755a are both established classics … speakers like these are what we climb the mountain to talk to the master about. The Holy One does not use crossovers. With no crossover you hear the cone, sorry ! You also see the light.

一棍打沉 multiways. Sorry.


Happy New Year 、新年願望、有效的蟻饵

29 十二月

上不了 wordpress ,停寫了幾天 blog





多謝 Gary 解畫,旺記可能童心泯滅,已經好久忘了聖誕老人、煙囪、火了。


今年(2006)想做的事泰半都未做,想不到年初的搬屋把大半年的計劃 postpone 了。也發覺自己收集的東西太太太多了,過去半年都是在清倉。


明年要 focus


已經決定集中火力要攪好兩款全音。 Minimum plan






旺記在十二月初買此蟻餌,家中有兩種螞蟻勢力,都係细過芝麻,但明顯一種高幾班,又跑得快又高警觉性。结果蠢蠢地個種起勢咁搬蟻餌返去,我冧應該全軍盡墨矣。Smart Ant 個種都搬咗少少,不過相比百份一份量都冇,應該唔夠分,不過近一個月過去了,现在蟻影都冇一隻,不知是天氣轉冷躲起來還是少少蟻餌都足以致命。



Merry Christmas !!!

23 十二月


Anyway , Merry Christmas !

德國全音篇之 葵花寶典 (三)

20 十二月

續葵花寶典 (二)。
There are other brand names. Fostex 8 inchers need their (backloaded)horns, too; same story, same disease. From an enthusiast’s point of view you’ll have to note they come with ceramic magnets.The good thing is they are available and cheaper than Lowther. But for direct radiating you can’t count on them. Supravox 8 inchers, working fine on small fiat baffles, don’t exist any longer. Siemens, producing 8 inch full rangers in the eighties, closed down their department of electroacoustics. The French Triangle T 17 FLV608(as used by Gordon Rankin, see SP 9), somewhere between 5 and 6inches,goes down to less than 85dB(!)below 1kHz [3].Nice, but not matching to our needs ,sorry!

Direct radiating can be tested easily, I strongly recommend to give each speaker a first run on a small flat baffle, any piece of plywood about 3O to 45 inches will do. Mount your speaker out of centre, don’t use any frequency correction, no notch filtering, no damping, nothing, just hear them. If the sound isn’t too bright and pleases you, you found the right one. I checked Supravox., they are ok, Lowthers not.

Old radio speakers worked their whole life under these conditions. The box you look at has an open backside and in matters of acoustics acts as a flat baffle. This principle causes unavoidable losses of bass power below 200Hz,This is one reason for the bass correcting knob you End on the frontside. (Other reasons are to fit them to the acoustic signature of the room and -last not least – to the taste of the user.) The speakers had to have high sensitivity all the way, especially between 100Hz to 1kHz, otherwise the flea power of SE tube radios would never have driven them to any sufficient sound. But those 3 to 5W worked and did the job amazingly well. So here they are, the speakers we’re searching for.


當中提及的 test method,其實同speaker 的 Q 有關,Lowther  如此test,一定 冇低音,要Lowther 出低音又唔用妥妥妥協的 backloaded horn,可以在放大器上串電阻,使output mode  變成半voltage driven 半current driven。這是最簡單的方法,provided that 電阻的放大器power 輸出仍然足夠。旺記用此法好久矣。否則就要把放大器改成 current mode ,懂 diy 的也不是難事。有興趣者可往 http://sound.westhost.com/project56.htm 參考。


德國全音篇之 葵花寶典 (二)

19 十二月



Living in Germany I’m hooked by our own radios. Within those I found lots of some parts, same tubes, same or similar circuits and common ways of construction. Even the drivers very often are identical, only a few radio makers built their own speakers. Each detail of each radio seemed to be known to each competitor on the market; the producing of tube radios was an old and already well known technology in the fifties. That’s why it may be supposed that out there in other countries will exist similar radios and probably in US more than in Germany. It’s not just an easy job to get them but it’s still possible. If you already looked out for vintage tubes why not go on to radios?

This article was written in German and despite of my bad English I try to explain what I found out. Old quality components of course need a native English speaker to give the praise they deserve. Be patient please, the story behind is much more interesting than my knowledge of a foreign language and hopefully you’ll understand the hows and whys of good old speakers in the end. “




好戲開始。Dr.Götz Wilimzig 開火啦!

New and old solutions

Asking for high Sensitivity today the answer you’ll get is Lowther. A famous name. Without any doubt this manufacturer kept the flag flying all the times; one driver for all frequencies, this is to his credit. What they are producing now -that’s a different story. In December 1982 the French magazine L’Audiophile published data showing these speakers lost their efficiency: Below 1KHz the old ones gave us about 100 dB, the new ones 90dB or less [1].This is confirmed by newer German measurements in 1987[2]. Lowtbers own announcements say 93 to 95dB but this is a little bit misleading because it is reached as an average only, adding low sensitivity at low frequencies to much mom sensitivity in the upper region ; treble is rising up to ll0dB. Thus you find about 20dB difference between lows and highs. The Lowther story is the story of searching a type of horn to compensate exactly the losses of the drivers.

Unfortunately horns are determined by laws of their own, they refuse a determination by Lowther, therefore the search is going on and on and will remain so.( The Lowther fanclubs will be pleased to give you ths latest"final solution “. )If anyone would flatten the rising treble the ordinary way using notch filtering he’ll end up with ordinary efficiency. Dieter Kirchhoff, German Lowther specialist is confident Lowthers produce, high sensitivity within a horn”. Small wonder.

Bruce Edgar took an ordinary Dynaudio speaker and gave him ,high sensitivity within a horn “. Horns indeed give efficiency. “

Lowther 粉絲是否不是味兒呢?


在 BLH( Back-loaded Horn)裡的 Lowther,旺記一直的經驗都是強差人意 ( 特別是 E series … 第一次聽的第一個反應是 “holy —- !"),旺記也一直不相信 constant width 的 BLH,声波是 radially 放射的,兩側定距就是把声波的軌跡suppress了,理論上已經大大大妥協了,所以反來覆去旺記都提不起勁做 BLH。反過來說,把 Qts 低的單元放進很大的箱做 aperiodic 開口,低频和瞬態都可以取得平衡。




德國全音篇之 葵花寶典 (一)

18 十二月

金庸如是說 : 東方不敗直到後來修習『葵花寶典』,才慢慢悟到了人生妙諦。其後勤修內功,數年之後,終於明白了天人化生、萬物滋長的要道。


德國全音也有 葵花寶典 ,要否自宮,修練者自決!寶典著者為 Dr. Götz Wilimzig,時為上世紀九十年代。Götz Wilimzig為古董德國全音的復興始作佣者兼中堅,堅持使用古董全音和歐洲平價胆做 SE amp 以達致天人合一境界。

若非有此寶典 back up ,旺記德國全音之旅也可能已提早收工。

原 寶典 頗長,名為 " 天堂之物。姑且引一段楔子狐惑衆生。

Made for heaven by Dr. Götz Wilimzig

The magic of old radio speakers

Why not taking all? Add high sensitivity, direct radiating, wide range drivers, a volume up to four cubic feet and a classic cabinet – what you get is the ultimate speaker for a SE lover. Impossible, you say? Just wait a minute. we are talking neither advertising nor the “better than Gods own“ bullshit those who sell spread out. This is the result of years of collecting, matching and proving old time radio speakers, especially those out of SE radios. Starting 1957 ceramic magnets moved in, followed by push-pull-designs, more power and less sensitive speakers which are cheaper to build. The early fifties : that’s our time.

想死快 D ,可以不等旺記連載,進入 http://www.jogis-roehrenbude.de/LS-Box/Wilimzig/Wilimzig.htm

online translation 可也。

p.s. 此站内Götz Wilimzig文章與旺記所保存寶典不同,但毒性相若也。

高科技音响附件 之 金耳朵

14 十二月


話說數年前 一位高燒友買了一條過萬元的電源線。今天看來過萬元的附件可能濕濕碎,但上一世紀末過萬元電源線唔野少也。



再試新線,情况骤變,層次,動態,统统番晒黎,高層要員甚至聞歌起舞 ,高燒友耳仔冇咁靈,不若高層要員咁大反應,但既然要員反應咁正面,高燒友亦乐得心安理得。

散會後 ,高燒友準備收拾一下免得太座 回家 乍型 。一望 ,咦,乜條新電源線放响個袋度既,而舊線則駁住部機,咁剛才….