Linkwitz 的 LXmini

23 十月

有兩年沒有打理這個blog 了,今天鍵入,哈,還在。


今天想記下的,原是約半年前跟朋友的一些小討論,就是 Linkwitz 的LXmini。 這是Linkwitz 先生的近作,有趣的是,設計使用一個全音單元,在700Hz crossover 給一個很快速起動的低音。

為甚麼有趣?因為Linkwitz 先生如是說:

“In the past I would have recommended to build PLUTO 2.1 instead of the LX521, but now the LXmini will exceed what PLUTO 2.1 had to offer and be a true alternative to the LX521, except for the bigger speaker’s extended bass. The low frequency portion of the LXmini’s frequency response is similar to the PLUTO’s. With a 700 Hz LR2 crossover to a small, full-range and open-baffle driver, and with a diffusing as well as attenuating structure for controlling the rear radiation, the polar response tends towards cardioid behavior and reduces reflections from objects behind the speaker.

With directivity controlled in this way the LXmini becomes much less sensitive to room placement, while also gaining in 3D imaging precision. The small, full-range driver on top is superbly smooth and detailed. It blends flawlessly with the pistonic, infinite transmission line woofer for a completely neutral sound in a reverberant room."

有走訪Linkwitz 網站的,應該有記憶Linkwitz 說2 way crossover 如何優勝於全音, 在 crossover 處如何 flawless,而全音的 1st order system response 是個梗局,不濟。

那就奇怪了,既然不濟,為何會"but now the LXmini will exceed what PLUTO 2.1 had to offer " ?

我知, LXmini 仍是個 2-way , 但它在 700Hz cross, 全因為全音部份使用了無障板,如果全音使用了障板,那怕只有一呎大少,cross frequency 就馬上可下降至 300Hz。這不是全音系統還是甚麽 ?

老實說,我不因Linkwitz 發表了LXmini 而感興奮。我少說也是個注重學術的人,Linkwitz 這樣一說,叫大家怎面對佢老人家廿年以來的理論?


2 回應 to “Linkwitz 的 LXmini”

  1. carolparker24788 四月 9, 2016 於 4:59 下午 #

    I mean “we” because I think these are issues that the entire church is struggling with. I would say that in many ways, the Lord has already opened my Click

  2. puggermon 四月 17, 2017 於 1:45 下午 #

    Well…also dsp…which he didnt even bother to have a look..but now replacing all his analog processors…

    But, at 80, he is still innovative…!


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